About Miss Jen

Jennifer Osborne, Owner & Instructor, KMR of South Jersey (Cherry Hill)


Jennifer Osborne developed a love for music at a very early age sitting by her father’s side looking up at him playing the guitar, hearing him sing.  Music was a joyful part of her childhood and has carried over into a love of sharing that joy with children. With a background in neurological nursing, Jen is very familiar with the science of brain development and is enthusiastic about the positive effects of music on children’s intellectual, mental, emotional, social, and physical growth. After three years of teaching toddlers in a preschool setting, Jen decided to focus specifically on what she loves best about teaching: sharing a love of music with children. She trained for almost 2 years under Miss Marcia Kratz, who originally brought KMR to South Jersey in 2004 and made the program into a well-known and loved household name. Jen acquired the center from Marcia in 2018 and is now the sole owner and instructor of KMR South Jersey. She loves exploring the magic of music with children and their families and looks forward to growing with the community for many years to come!

Behind the Scenes

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Jennie Kratz, “The Other Miss Jen”

Jennie Kratz was introduced to KMR at 3 years old when her mother, Miss Marcia, started teaching classes. She regularly joined her mom as the teacher’s assistant for classes and birthday parties, and within a few years she started to help run the business, too. Although Jennie earned her formal certification to teach KMR classes in 2012 (at 16, the youngest person to do so!), she now works exclusively Behind the Scenes as Miss Jen’s admin assistant, marketing director, business consultant, and more. You’ll often interact with Jennie over email, on our social media pages, and here on our website. Jennie currently lives and works in the Netherlands as an au pair while also training to become a birth and postpartum doula.

The Osborne Family

As a small, locally-owned business, Miss Jen relies heavily on the help and support of her family. Brian, Chris, and Charlotte regularly help behind the scenes and with the execution of events. Local businesses are family businesses!